April 20

World Mathematical Olympiad 2021

Martin Browne

In 2017 Tutornet helped a team from the UK prepare for and attend the World Mathematical Olympiad final in Beijing, China. The World Mathematical Olympiad, initiated by the World Mathematical Olympiad Association, provides a competition platform and bridge of friendship for young maths lovers worldwide. Since the competition was launched in 2009, it has attracted participants from more than twenty countries such as Singapore, South Korea, the United States, Britain, Thailand, Canada, and others. In 2018 Tutornet trained the UK team which took part in the final in Stanford University, California.

The competition is aimed at boys and girls aged 9 to 12 years and usually consists of an individual paper followed by team competitions. In 2021 the competition will consist only of the individual tests and will take place online on Sunday 16 May.

Any child aged between 9 and 12 is welcome to participate. The entry fee is £80 per child. The child must have a good knowledge of maths but will be trained in a series of sessions before the competition by a tutor who knows the syllabus. Each child will be presented with a test paper online and will aim to complete this in the allotted time. There will be prizes for the best participants in a competition which covers young people from many countries. In 2017 one of the UK team won a gold medal for individual achievement. Could your child achieve one this year?

To apply please email contact@tutornet.co.uk or call 07810 698538

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About the Author

Martin is the founder of Tutornet and has been arranging private tutors for families in the Edinburgh area for more than ten years

Martin Browne

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