May 28

Why a full-service tutoring company?

Martin Browne

One of the questions we are frequently asked when a parent is considering a tutoring service to help their child is “Why should I spend more on your service when I can get a tutor online for £X?”

We are very aware that tutors come in many forms and there are people who advertise themselves in various online forums offering to tutor your child. Equally there are tutor boards which allow you to select a tutor based on a short description and (perhaps) accompanied by some client reviews. There is nothing inherently wrong with these services and if you are keen to get the best price from a tutor then they offer the best chance of doing that.

However the risk you take is finding a suitable tutor who understands your child. If the match doesn’t work, you have the job of finding another tutor and going through the whole matching process again. Tutors may not work out for many reasons but it is how you recover from that experience that determines how successful a future match may be. At Tutornet we strive to get the right tutor for your child first time round and we are quick to replace someone if the match is not working for any reason. Understanding and agreeing the learning outcomes for your child is a key part of this.

At Tutornet we select our tutors carefully and we support them through all their assignments. If something doesn’t work out then there is someone you can talk to who will sort it out for you as part of the service.

Does your tutor have a PVG certificate to show that they have been checked against the Disclosure Scotland database? All Tutornet tutors have this as a matter of course and anyone who comes up as having a child protection issue (it has happened!) can be immediately dealt with. Your Internet-hired tutor may produce a certificate but is it current? Would you want to take that risk in leaving your child with a tutor in a one-on-one situation with your child?

Tutornet tutors write reports after each session so you (and we) can keep track of the progress your child is making. It is a key measure in ensuring that your child’s learning outcome is on track to be met.

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About the Author

Martin is the founder of Tutornet and has been arranging private tutors for families in the Edinburgh area for more than ten years

Martin Browne

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