Physics tutors in central Scotland

 We specialise in providing tutors for  Scottish Qualifications Authority National 5 and Higher Physics examination courses. However, we can provide Physics tutors for GCSE, A-Level, and many other levels.

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SQA National 5 Physics Tutors

Physics is the study of matter, energy and the interaction between them. This entails asking fundamental questions and trying to answer them by observing and experimenting. The answers to such questions can lead to advances in our understanding of the world around us. Physics tutors help students to understand the relevance of Physics in everyday contexts

For National 5, a tutor will ensure that their student understands all of the course specification:

Dynamics: vectors and scalars

Vectors and scalars; velocity–time graphs; acceleration; Newton’s laws; energy; projectile motion.


Space exploration; cosmology.


Electrical charge carriers; potential difference (voltage); Ohm’s law; practical electrical and electronic circuits; electrical power.


Wave parameters and behaviours; electromagnetic spectrum; refraction of light.

Properties of matter

Specific heat capacity; specific latent heat; gas laws and the kinetic model


Descriptive, Discursive, Personal reflective, Creative writing


Nuclear radiation

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SQA Higher English Tutors

For Higher a tutor will ensure that their student understands all of the course specification:

Particles and Waves

forces on charged particles; the Standard Model; nuclear reactions; inverse square law; wave-particle duality; interference; spectra; refraction of light


Monitoring and measuring AC; current, potential difference, power, and resistance; electrical sources and internal; resistance; capacitors; semiconductors and p-n junctions

Our Dynamic universe

motion — equations and graphs; forces, energy and power; collisions, explosions, and impulse; gravitation; special relativity; the expanding Universe

Performance-Spoken Language, Talking

Critical essay writing

Drama: Macbeth. Prose: The Great Gatsby, Lord of the Flies, The Trick is to Keep Breathing


We offer tutoring in packages of twelve weeks. The benefits of each package are described below.

Ont to Two
on to two

60 Hours of tutoring



  • Shared lessons with another child at the same level
  • Each child learns from the other as well as the tutor
  • Homework is reviewed by the tutor for both children separately
small group
Small group

60 hours of tutoring



  • Shared lessons with up to six children at similar levels
  • Lesson objectives will be agreed to ensure all children keep up
  • Homework will be reviewed in the group
  • 60 hours of tutoring