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How it works

We make finding the right tutor a breeze


Decide on which subjects your child needs most help with.


Choose the package that best suits your child's needs


Call or email us to discuss. We will be happy to advise on packages and subjects.

What we offer

We have been placing tutors with families in central Scotland for more than ten years. 

A Personal service

Tutornet founder Martin Browne MTA has been providing a tutoring service in Edinburgh and the Lothians since 2010. He will work with you to identify your child's learning objectives and ensure that you get the right tutor for your child's needs. 

Experienced tutors

We have a wide range of tutors from many different backgrounds who have provided one-to-one in-home and small group tutoring in a wide range of subjects. Tutors are all passionate about their subject and aim to ensure that your child has a full understanding by addressing any gaps in their knowledge. The aim is for your child to be confident in the subject at school and in any future examinations. All tutors are members of the PVG Scheme (or equivalent) for your child's protection. 

What our clients say

We asked our clients about their experience with Tutornet. This is what they had to say... 


"Once I contacted them, they immediately organised a meeting and they were so professional. Since then the tutor has been amazing and has made a big difference for my daughter. We highly recommend them. "



Worth every penny

"We had an excellent Higher Chemistry tutor and she was worth every penny. It was a fantastic help in the run up to exams. I would highly recommend Tutornet if you need that one to one tuition in preparation for exams"



Good match of pupil and tutor

"Our tutor Richard was hand selected by Martin to appeal to my 6 year old and 8 year old. He has been fantastic at engaging in learning with them in a fun and inventive way. They look forward to his visits each week."




We offer tutoring in packages of twelve weeks. The benefits of each package are described below.

Ont to Two
onE to two

60 Hours of tutoring



  • Shared lessons with another child at the same level
  • Each child learns from the other as well as the tutor
  • Homework is reviewed by the tutor for both children separately
small group
Small group

60 hours of tutoring



  • Shared lessons with up to six children at similar levels
  • Lesson objectives will be agreed to ensure all children keep up
  • Homework will be reviewed in the group
  • 60 hours of tutoring

Gift vouchers available

Grandparents or other family members find that the purchase of a gift voucher is the ideal way to support a child's learning. Progress reports on a child's learning can be shared with the gift voucher purchaser with their parent or guardian's permission. Gift vouchers can be purchased in denominations of £50 towards any package of lessons.